Saadeya Abdulkarim

Saadeya Abdulkarim

Consultant in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology
Head of Rheumatology Unit
Salmaniya Medical Complex
Ministry of Health

Dr. Saadeya Naji Abdulkarim, is the first Bahraini female consultant in Rheumatology in Bahrain. Currently she is a Consultant in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Head of Rheumatology Unit in SMC – MOH.

She is a senior lecturer in RCSI, and part of the Arab board training program in Bahrain.
Previously held positions as a member in the mortality & morbidity committee, deputy of the head of accreditation of medical department, a supervisor in TNA (Training Need Assessment) committee for internal medical department, and FPRP coordinator. Currently a member in the autonomy team selected by the supreme council of health and a reviewer in the Saudi journal.

She is the founder and the president of ABRC (Annual Bahrain Rheumatology Conference), started in 2017. Also actively involved in many conferences in the gulf region as in SSR
(Saudi Society of Rheumatology Conference), and GCC conference.

She has interest in SLE and vasculitis. Has many publications on that regard, last one was published in BSR journal 2019, (Takayasu Arteritis, presenting as bilateral popliteal artery aneurysm).

She has on-going research work related to Rheumatic diseases in Bahrain, (APS among migraine patients, prevalence of sacroiliitis among psoriatic patients in Bahrain, etc.)