Winston Rennie

Winston J Rennie

Senior Clinical Musculoskeletal Radiologist
Leicester Royal Infirmary
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Dr. Rennie is a Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist based in Leicester UK. After a peripatetic upbringing as a child of doctors based in the UK, he started his career as a surgical trainee in the Northeast of England. Having seen the ‘light’, he commenced radiology training in 1998 and was awarded his FRCR in 2003. A competitive Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Radiology at the University of Alberta with research in MRI of Spondyloarthropathy ensured an interest in arthritis imaging.

He was awarded a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Nottingham in 2008 and has been an invited visiting Lecturer.

His research interests are on the maximizing the utility of MRI in the diagnosis and treatment follow up of SpA. He has papers and presentations on the topic and has collaborated with multiple centers on research, particularly as a member and recently Vice Chair of the ESSR Arthritis Subcommittee.

He was invited as part of a UK Parliamentary Subcommittee to discuss the inclusion of SpA in the European 2020 project. His work in the UK has led to selection as a Co-opted Expert on Guideline Development on Spondyloarthropathy for the National Institute of Clinical Excellence-UK.

He lectures regularly on hands-on MRI International workshops for Rheumatologists and Radiologists in London and other parts of the world, for multiple International Societies (ESSR, BSSR, ISS etc.), promoting the use of MRI in the early diagnosis of SpA. Due to his research and teaching interest, he has been awarded a position as a Reader in Clinical Musculoskeletal Radiology by Loughborough University.

He is currently Training Programme director lead for the Foundation Doctors and Interim Head of School for Foundation Doctors as part of his education portfolio working with Health Education England.