It is with great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 11th Advanced Academic Rheumatology Review Course (ADARRC).

It has been ten (10) years since ADARRC was initiated to offer medical professionals and communities with latest updates and developments in rheumatology. Since then, it has been carefully developed to tackle medical issues affecting the segment of RMDs and seeks to identify best practices and solutions to help advance clinical care in the region.

More than ever, ADARRC remains true to its objectives in providing a unique platform of opportunity to discuss the latest reviews of clinical and scientific findings and insights through an intensive series of lectures and workshops. While the course will focus on how we can take action to create the change that we want to see in the health care system, it will also outline strategies that will guide professionals to convert ideas into action.

We are still navigating through the challenging times of this pandemic, nevertheless, I wish you and your loved ones will stay safe, and may this Course contribute to the betterment of your clinical practice today and in the future.

Mustafa Al-Maini
Mustafa Al-MainiFounder & Course Director
Internal Medicine, Rheumatologist, Allergist and Clinical Immunologist